Sunday, August 7, 2011

Teater Komedi Performing Art

Origin : Special Territory of Yogyakarta.

Teater komedi is traditional performing art, depicting the people's daily life in a comedy which is called Dagelan Mataram in the local dialect.

Pattern of The performance
is preceded by the tradi-tional music of gamelan orchestra in a contemporary style which is based on traditional music.

This''teater komedi" is a performance very much favored by the people. The story of this particular performance is usually depicted from issues developing in the daily life of the people and those contradictory to the factual things in life.

The number of performers dependends or the need of the story.

Costume Performers
Wear It I at aram (J avancse traditional costume complete with thc accessories and other costume that fits thc other characters.

Contemporery Javanese music.

Very simple, easy to adjust with the story in performance

Video Teater Komedi

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