Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Drama Gong Traditional Performing Arts

Origin : Bali

"Drama Gong" is one of the local folk dramas, develop by among others Anak Agung Raka Payadnya from Abian Basa Village Gianyar districh. This Drama is a modification of the "3-anger" dance. The only kind of musical instrument to accompany the drama is a set of "Gongs" from which the name of the Drama is derived from.

Pattern of performance
The same as drama in general, but here the players are required to master Balinese acting and the local dialect, apart from having a good vocal.

Theme of performance
Simple and almost the same, it always portrays the past (concerning good and evil, religious life, philosophy, state affairs etc.). It mostly adopts stories about Jaya Prana, Tafripa Lara, Sukerti and Sokrosono.

The number of players is adjusted to the number of characters required by the story which is usually about 20.

Accorded to the characters.

Musical accompaniment
A number of "Gongs" and sometimes added with flutes as a variation.

Stage decoration
Painted folding screens featuring rain, cloud, parks with fountains and river with fast streaming water.

Drama Gong Video

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