Saturday, August 6, 2011

Samrah Traditional Performing Art

Samrah is origin from Central Sulawesi. Samrah is a combination of the art dancing and music. The movement of feet and the changing of position of performers while they keep on singing and playing the musical instruments, makes Samrah a specific traditional performing art.

Pattern of performance
The performances join together making a full or half circle and while moving according to the rhythm of the music. The songs they sing are in the rhythm of Arabic music.

The lyrics of the songs bear the message to do good deeds and avoid evil, to worship God the Almighty and have faith in his prophet.

The performers are generally teenage girls numbering eight to sixteen in one group who can also act together in a mass performance.

Traditional long blouse (kebaya) a scarf covering the head with both ends reaching to be turned around the neck and waving, down the shoulder. The long blouse goes with a traditional skirt (sarong) of any color, but should come in on for all the performers.

The tambourine and other traditional musical instruments called "marwan'. "daf" and "markis".

Samrah can be performed on stage in-doors or outdoors using only basic decoration.

Samrah Video

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