Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bacang Traditional Performing Arts

BACANG Performing Arts

Bacang is tradional performing arts from west Kalimantan Indonesia

West Kalimantan A legend of the "jangkang" people which still performed until today.

The word "BACANG" means an woman's expression of grief over violence and misfortune.

Pattern of performance
Combination of music, traditional dance song, comedy and dialogue. The dialog is adjusted to the prevailing situation condition of the audience. The performance is started with a parade of dancing and singing performers on stage preceded by the leading artists. conclusion is also done with a song dance and presentation of token appreciation to the community leader

17 persons, comprising 10 men and women

Dayak traditional costume adorned feathers of the Enggang bird (a kind of rarebird).

Musical instrument
"Gong", "Beduk", "Gendang" Kleneng-an" and long guitar (traditional guitar).

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