Friday, August 5, 2011

Rudat Traditional Performing Art

Rudat is origin from West Nusa Tenggara Indonesia. Up until today nobody can say what the word "Rudat" really means. Some people say that "Rudat" comes from the word "Raudah" which means marching and others say that it is derived from the Dutch word "Soldaat" meaning military.

Pattern of performance
Rudat dance is performed at the opening and closing of a performance, while the actplaced in between is performed in a realistic and carricaturistic way.

The story usually depicts rales of thousand and one night from the Middle East that are romantic, educative dramas such as Siti Zuhaidah, Jula juli Bintang Tujuh. Jula Juli Bintang Tigf, Rohaya Rohani, Indra Bangsawan, Indra Jaya, Tiga Sekawan etc. The dialog is spoken in the MaIay language and the songs are sung in Arabic accompanying the dancers.

The performers consist only of malt thus the female character is perforn-it: by a male such as
  • the King
  • the Princess
  • two vizier
  • two helpers
  • one prince
  • the Evil King
  • one Chief playing the role of Hok
  • Five percussion players, one violinist, three tambourine players and one drummer.
  • Helper, wife of King Evil, and robber (with a special character).
Musical instrument
Music during intervals use the following:
  • two sn-vaN1 gongs;
  • two small, bottke-likt and one-sided drum;
  • cymbal.
Violin, tambourine and large drum.

Paintings of palace, park, wood and cave

Rudat Video

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