Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lenong Performing Traditional Art

Origin : Jakarta

Lenong is the traditional theater of the indigenous people of Jakarta, who is po-pularly known as orang Betawi. When per-formed Lenong is always accompanied by the gambang kromong orchestra which is traditional to the Betawi people.

Pattern of performance
Lenong is divided into prelude, first act main act, conflict and final act. Thus lenong is preceded with entertaining acts which includes singing and jestering.

The story of lenong theater usually ttl. about the struggle of good against evil olden time characters. At the beginning the evil holds the pcwer but later on will be defeated by the good character.

Pementasan lenong didukung sekitar 25 Lenong is played by 25 to 30 player, man and women and usuall lenong is played all through the night.

The male performers wear the costume of old time warriors with all the decorations while the female wear traditional kain and kebaya (specific long fitting skirt and blouse).

The gambang kromong orchestra always accompanies the lenong performance playing pop music or other traditional melodies such as Sundanese from West Java

A screen is used for decoration as well as partition in front of the stage and as back-ground of every performance.

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