Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Batam Island a Natural Paradise

Batam Island as a tourist resort promises maximum facilities, services and satisfaction for visitors. Beautiful sun, sea, and beach give their own comfort, which equal comparison is diffi-ct.lt to find. 'lite beaches with calm water surfaces, sheltered by coccnut trees and the small spouts of pinus trees, which smoothly blown by mild wind, give an impression of extra-ordinary satisfaction, calmness and comfortabi-lity to everyone. You can also enjoy wind surving and waterskiing which are available in almost every corner of Batam Island. There are also availanle various infrastructures and facilities for those who are interested in marine sports, such as sailing and power boating. For those ‘'ho are interested in fishing, will he satisfied by the abundance of fishes in the waters surrounding Batam Island. Fishing canoes with friendly owners are ready to bring you to the most ideal place to engle fish.

Underwater panoramas beneath sea level. with its blue and clear seawater and still free from pollution, offers fantastic views. Various kinds of fish and other sea animals with strange shapes and bright colors like a rainbow roaming acthely between coralrecfs give an extraordinary impres-sion, ant' can be enjoyed clearly- because the water is cristal clear which enable your vision capacity to reach 30 meters in depth. For those who like to enjoy sunshines, there are a lot of selections of gently sloping beaches in many locations. Glittering sands combined with warm seawater of the South China Sea, sheltered by shade trees, this is a comportable place for relaxation. The villages of inhabitants in traditio-nal architecture are unique panoramas to Ix. enjoyed. When sunset arrives, the traditional boats of the fishermen descend into the Sea facing the sun which is setting at the feet of the skies with the sky goldtn yellow in color which gradually changging into deep red, transhmning waves, boats and trees into silhauette. Silent.

The sphere of the surrounding nature becomes so dramatic. From far away to the West you can see sky-scraping buildings in Singapore become engulfed with the rays of Ihe brilliant lamps. Anastonishing view which can only be enjoyed from Batam Island. The visit to Baram as ill not be complete without enjoying the tame of various kinds of cuisine. from the most hot sambel and curry to sate, to outdoor panics serving delicious food. Chose the food you like in this island which is furious for its richnese of spices. The rending meat full of aroma and gado-gado. a mixture of vegetables, and hot muted fish and yellow rice, and many other dishes. Delicious Chinese and Malaysian food are also wadable. Yon can also enjoy other eastern food in special menus available in hotels and restaurants.

In Lubok Baja you can find special Padang euisine. and Ilernanwe Rice Stiltl situated in front of Baton Hotel and served by a lady who has studied the oillinary wiener for years in different countries. In addition to all these. Baum makes mailable of abundant seafood. For this purpose. you can go to Barn Brat. litre, there is a pier made from bamboo, where enchanting and tempting wafoods are served. while you are enjoying the erne of the sea wind. You can choose Dom kinds of fresh seafood in iced ways, such as lobster, sea cucumber, edible crabs. wilt and several kinds of sealish.

Batam island is AISO offering shrimp chips, dry food which quite well-known in South East Asia. that you can bring home as a sped,/ souvenir. Seafood anal others sewed in accordance with your appetite whether you like a harbeque„ warm food, hot, dry with or without solute. You just have to name what you want. Shortly, chokes arc available in abundance, and this is of comet a heaven for cullimaries.

The visitors to BitaIll can choose from the row of hotels which OHM Inst class facilities (sill of combinability and extravaganza. completed with a good quality restaurant. dasentique and bar with prominent% dancers and mueisiam. The rooms are fumithed with solid TV, refrigerator, trlephorw awl air conditioner. From the room's window you can see a beautiful sea view, comfortable for relaxation. The spaci-ous conference hall completed with various multi-purpose facilities is ready for the place to take care of seminars, meeting, convention, personal party and other important events. You do not have to trouble yourself in selecting places to stay because almost every hotel in Batam offers the same recreational facilities, from tennis court, swimming pool, squash, health center, gymnasium, archery, billiards, scuba diving, mahjong, backgammon, snorkeling, snooker, windsurfing, fish angling, riding on bike and sailing to river safari. Recreation facilities for children are also available as can be found at Hill Top Hotel. A man-made lake is available for children to play canoe rowing cheerfully. Batam Island has very beautiful panoramas when viewing from places on the hill. A place like Turi Beach Resort, which is situated in a hilly area, offers an enchanting sea view.