Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tauh Traditional Performing Art

Tauh is origin from Jambi. Tauh is a traditional performing art of Bung° Tebo district in general and sub-district of Tanah Tumbuh in particular. The word "tauh" is taken from the word "menaruh". which in the local dialect means to fish in the creek using a kind of fish net made of bamboo (rago). While performing this act at the same the players sing a song which is called karni-nok under a symbol called merual.

Pattern of performance
Tuah is performed only on special occasi-ons such as welcoming a government of-ficial or during harvest season. The male players stand opposite the female. They claphandas and at the same time respond to poems cited by their opposite player, while moving in a circle.

"Tauh" is merry-making traditional event when the young people get the opportunity to meet their marriage partner.

Four couples of young men and women.

Gong music and handclapping.

Taub performane does not require ex-pensive decoration.

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