Sunday, August 7, 2011

Taenango Traditional Performing Art

Origin : Southeast Sulawesi

"Taenango" originates from Kendari district and means "to tell a story". The story of "taenango" is made a folksonz which is sung to awaken valor of the Tolaki tribe warriors (Tamalaki) who are going to war. Taenango is one of the rare traditional performances and is one simple from of the narrative theater. At present taenango is no longer used as a means to brim: heroism to warriors (ramalaki) wh 7 wanted to go to war. It is now done as a means of entertainment, education an: information disseminations about goc: examples to be followed by the yours generation. Taenango is very seldom pe: formed in its original version due to tht lack of players who are able to perform in the traditional dialect. If there are such performers, they live 7 very remote villages.

Pattern of performance
In its original form, "taenango" is performed by a storyteller who presents composed in a song.

The story that is composed in a song is usually a legend which tells about the bravery of the warriors (tamalaki) of the olden days when they were in war or about supernatural power possessed by the ancestors. This presentation is meant to encourage the people to lead a coura-geous life.

The original version of "taenango" is performed by one players and one musician.

A traditional musical instrument called "Wuvatho".

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