Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tabot Performance Tradional Art

Origin : Bengkulu

Tabot is a traditional ceremony held annually by the people of Bengkulu. It is the most prominent and mostly-awaited traditional/ festival in this region. Tabot is believed to be brought to Bengkulu by a Benga1ese moslem religious leader and. the celebration of Tabot commences on the first of Muharam (New Year's day in the moslem calendar) and concludes on the tenth of Muharam. The celebration begins with the taking of a pinch of sosil in two places, namely Tapak Paderi and Tabek followed by various kinds of ceremonies and offerings.

The celebration lasts four nights. The commencement of Tabot celebration is marked by the sounding of Do! and Tansa musical instruments. On the fifth of Muharam there is a Panja ceremony during which the pewter and brass trellises are washed and cleaned. On the fifth and sixth of Muharam Do! and Tansa are put to the test.

The procession of the drums which are popularly known as the "sitting of state" of the Tabot is held on the ninth of Muharam and the procession is the peak of the Tabot celebration. The night when Tabot is sat in state is the last night of the vestivites.

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