Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Calung Traditional Art from West java

West java calung is different from calung banyumasan.
Calung is communicative traditional musical comedy practised by the people of Sum edang in West 3 ava. "Ilie instru-ment used in this performance is predominantly made of bamboo. The kind of "wulung" bamboo is the best to produce the "slendro", "pelog", and "madende" musical scales, such as those in the "Calung" of Banyumas.

Pattern of performance
The music players hold one each of the "Calung melody", "Calung penerus", "Calung saron", "Calung bonang", and "Calung kosrek". They play the instrument while dancing, singing, making funny anecdotes and involve in dialogues.

Theme of performance
Aspects of daily life. Adapting a communicative pattern of performance, the Calung does not only function as a popular entertainment. It can also be an effective media for educational and deve-lopment information purposes.

Five or more.

Modified traditional costume, usually colourful and richly decorated.

Additional musical instruments
"Gendang", a set of "Gong", "Saron", and "Bonang".

In-doors and out-doors.

Calung Video

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