Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Calung Banyumasan Traditional Performing Arts

Calung Banyumasan is a traditional performing art of the local people of Banyumas. The "Calung" has been passed on from generation to gene-ration and the inventor is anonymous. This performing art was known by the local people as "Lengger" in the 1970s. The accompanying music is played on instruments predominantly made of bamboo.

Pattern of performance
  • First episode : dancing, similar to the Gambyong dance performed by 2 to :7 dancers.
  • Second episode : Comedy
  • Third episode : a cheerful dance (final episode).
Ten persons or more

Traditional as well as modern.

Musical instrument
"Denem", "bonang barang", "bonang penerus", "Kethuk kenong", "Gong", "ken-dang", and "ketipung".

Video Calung Banyumasan

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