Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gamat Traditional Performing Arts

Origin : West Sumatra

Gamat is a kind of traditional show performed by highly ttained youngsters who uphold dicipline, politeness, customary and religious values. Tari Payung (Umbrella Dance) is a famous gamat art from west sumatera. This dance tells a story about a couple falling in love and the umbrella symbolizes a protection as an act of love

Pattern of performance
Combination of three elements namely dancing, singing and Karawitan (traditional music). The rthythm of songs and dances are adjusted to prevailing condition.

The Theme of performance
Minangkabau people's way of life, portay-ing their devolotion to their customar. and religious values.

A group of 15 to 20 persons.

Minangkabau traditional costume.

Musical instruments
Violin, drum, guitars, rumba, bass and others such as accordion, saxophone, cla-rinet, drum, trumpet, rhythm and lead guitars.

"Gamat" can be performed anywhere, either in an open area or on stage with only modest decoration.

Gamat Video

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