Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Teak Wood is The Best Material for Home Furniture

Teak wood is really a compacted, rough, close-grained hard wood. It has substantial quantities of resinous natural oils that ensure it is naturally resistant against dampness, resistant to bugs, and resistant towards the dehydrating effects of climate.

Teak wood also includes silica, a sand-like element which generates a solidity to the wood which allows it also to be proof against fungal rot, water, decaying, warping, shrinking, swelling and many harmful chemical substances. It won't rust precious metals it touches also it can endure the weather of all conditions, using its beauty raising with its age.

No other wood comes even close to teak wood concerning its strength, beauty, elegance, stability and low maintenance; which makes it the best material option for furniture construction, home furniture and ship constructing around the world.

Teak wood is used to make outdoor furniture which involve resistance to the elements. Teak is applied for home furniture due to the fact of its natural durability in extreme climate conditions and for the reason of its relative rarity. Being more costly than most other hardwoods, teak furniture has become something of a status symbol. Not only is it common for a teak chair, bench, or table to last 70 years standing out in the elements, it is also common to pass down like pieces of furniture to long term decades as a heritage.

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