Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mak Yong Traditional Performing Art


Mak Yong is a traditional performing art ir the form of theatre. This performance has been very popular among the people of Riau islands since 50 years ago. Today it is still developing in areas such as Matang Arang in the Bintar Timur district. The word Mak Yong comes from the word Mak which means mother and Yorz which means the eldest. So Mak Yong means the eldest mother.

The story of Mak Yong is verbally passe: on from generation to generation; that is why this play does not have any script or scenario. The story of Mak Yong mostly depicts popular folktales which do not bring the audience to a sad situation.

Mak Yorg has seven performers who a:f-permanently acting the same characters which are the
  1. "Awang pengasuh" main and messenger: 
  2. "Mak Senik" — Queen. 
  3. "Pak Yong" — King with a bad character which makes him suffer from it. 
  4. "Batok" — trouble maker. 
  5. Performer acting as wild beast. 
  6. "Inang" — entertainer, common people and sometimes the King's escort.
  7. Dayang—Lady-in-waiting to the queen.
  1. Head ornaments hanging down the forehead.
  2. Bright-colored short sleeve shirt.
  3. Large earrings
  4. Glittering sort of glove from the to the elbow.
  5. Three quarter trousers, the same color as the shirt, embroidered at both sides and a piece of silk cloth running from the waist to the thigh.
  6. inkling ankle bracelets.
  7. Folding fan.
  8. Traditional blouse (kebaya) for the female performers.
There arc two kinds of music accompani-ment, namely
  • Music accompanying singers use : one flute; two long drums; two gongs.
  • Music played instrumental.
Mak Yong Video

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