Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kondo Buleng Performing Traditional Art

"KONDO BULENG" (White stork)
Origin : South Sulawesi

Kondo buleng is the name of a perfc:- mance that tells about the story of a prin-cess who was transformed into a whi:t stork. This traditional theater is known :- several districts like Maros, Selayar, Bodt and Kadingareng islands in South Sulawesi

Pattern of performance
This traditional theater depicts a hunter who was oppressive and tended to be an environment destroyer. Once upon a time the hunter succeeded to shoot Koncio Buleng but at the instance he himself thrown off.

The story of Rondo Buleng has been passed on verbally and developed from generation to generation. It is a very po-pular story among the people of South Sulawesi.

A fisherman using fishing rod, another one using fish-net, the balibodo and Rondo buleng characters and the hunter.

Players wear modest traditional dresses and the costume worn by Rondo Buleng is decorated with stork feathers.

Tambourine, violin, gong and drum.

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