Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ilah Performance Traditional Art

Origin : North Sumatra

"Ilah" is a traditional performing art of the Batak-Simalungun community. Ilah is a combination of several art elements such as dancing, singing, music and story tellinz

Pattern of performance
"Ilah" performance is based on a scenario in which the traditional characteristic is blended with other art elements, since the people in Simalungun area are familier with Ilah, it is used to dissiminate messages of the development which is usually ir serted in the rhymed verses. Ilah is performed in the house yard in the evening (usually during full moon). With the per formers forming a circle or line up in rows. However, Ilah can also be performed on stage.

The story tells about the daily activities of the people such as : paddy planting, harvesting, rice pounding, celebrating spe-cial occasions.

The performers wear the traditional costume of the Simalungun people.

Ten to 15 players, male and female.

Traditional music is usually for accompaniment but ilah can also be performed without music


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