Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Komedi bangsawan Traditional Performing Art

Origin : South Sumatra

Kornedi Bangsawan as a traditional art started to develop at the beginning of the twentieth century in Palembang and was performed by the people in villages. "Komedi Bangsawan" is a traditional theater which tells about the way of life of nobilities and heroes of the early times. Nowadays, in its development "Komedi Bangsawan" has adapted to other elements of culture. KOMEDI BANGSAWAN, a traditional stage show from Palembang, South Sumatra.

'Patter of performance:
"Komedi Bangsawan" is performed in several acts with interludes of songs, dances and comedies. Dialogs are composed into songs while jokes are conveyed in daily spoken language. At the conclusion of the perfor-mance all the players line up on stage to pay tribute to the audience.

Komedi Bangsawan tells about the story of the life of kings, nobilities and heroes of the early age.

The number of performers in "Komedl Bangsawan" is not limited.

The costume of the players is the costum-es of nobilities.

Musical instrument used as accompani-ment consist of the violin, saxophone, drum, accordion and cymbal.

This particular traditional play does not need expensive stage decoration, it can be performed in the open air or on stage with the audience sitting in a circle around the stage.

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